Buy Big Olives trees online

Buy Big Olives trees online

Before buying olive trees online it is important to receive as much information as possible, with photos and even videos of the product that is going to be purchased. The visual information (photos and videos) is fundamental in this purchase process to make sure we receive what we are looking for.

When it comes to planting a mature olive tree, we must to have information about the planting process, type of soil for olive trees, better time to transplant an olive tree, or dimensions of the pot.

The sale of trees online requires a deep knowledge of the product and the logistics chain. Shipments are usually made through specialized transport for pallets. The correct packing of the plant, the conditioning and the shipping times are essential factors for the manipulation and distribution of plants and trees. During the travel of living plants, it is important that they travel with sufficient humidity so the tree can withstand the delivery time.

Find everything you need to buy the best olive trees directly from producers in Spain.


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